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1872 Lord Baltimore, Baltimore (Lords, Baltimores, Canaries)

National Association

This rendering is based on visual documentation for uniform style and written documentation for color. Minor details may be undocumented or difficult to determine. An educated guess is made to complete the rendering.

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Visual documentation on this uniform:

Photo A
Dated 1872 by players Fisher, Matthews and Higham. Top row, from left: L Pike (72, 73), C Fisher (72) and T Carey (72, 73). Middle row, sitting: G Hall (72, 73), J Radcliff (72, 73), T York (72, 73), and B Mathews (72). On ground: D Higham (72), B Craver (72, 73) and E Mills (72, 73). Player IDs from James H. Bready, Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years (1998) and from Nigel Ayres. Years with team from

Dated 1872. Detail views of photo A.

Photo B
Dated June 1, 1872. Printed in the Dramatic News and Sporting Journal. Top row, from left: E Mills (72, 73), G Hall (72, 73), J Radcliff (72, 73), B Mathews (72) and T Carey (72, 73). Bottom: L Pike (72, 73), T York (72, 73), D Higham (72), C Fisher (72) and B Craver (72, 73). Years with team from

Written documentation on this uniform:
April 1872: “[Baltimore’s] new practice uniforms, red shirts and white breeches and hats, make quite a picturesque appearance on the field.” Baltimore American and Commercial, April 13, 1873. Research from Brian McKenna.

April 22 or April 25, 1872, v. Mutual, New York, at Baltimore: “Baltimore attired in new uniform of yellow Saxony cloth pants, tight-fitting silk shirts with Lord Baltimore’s escutcheon on left breast and white hats. Their regular black and yellow plaid socks not completed, they wore Pastime’s red and black plaid.” Printed April 27, 1872, Spirit Of The Times. Research from David Arcidiacono. Game dates from

May 1, 1872 v. Athletic, Philadelphia at Philadelphia: “Their [the Lord Baltimore Club’s] appearance was, to say the least, stunning. We had heard a great deal about their brilliant uniform, but in point of ugliness it triple discounts the original dress of the Chicago White Stockings, who had held the palm up to this time in that regard. Their trousers are terrible, looking as though they had been bathed in mustard water, while the ‘escutcheon’ so often alluded to bore an agreeable resemblance at a distance to a slab of pepper and salt.” Printed May 5, 1872, Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch. Research from Richard Herschberger. Game date from

May 29, 1872 v. Forest City, Cleveland at Cleveland: “The Baltimore nine, clad in yellow pants, white shirts, white hats, and ugly looking black and yellow stockings…took the field.” From the Inter-Ocean (Chicago), May 30, 1872. Research from Don Stokes. Game date from

December 1872: “The Baltimore Club…was notable as the ugliest, perhaps, ever seen on a ball field. In addition to pants which resembled in color the subdued yellow of chamois skin, was a shirt which had for a breast pocket what purported to be the arms of Lord Calvert, and which looked like a soiled spot when the men were in the field. The ‘tout ensemble’ was not pleasing; and, while in Baltimore they were soothed with such pet names as the ‘Canaries,’ the ‘Calverts’ and the ‘Lord Baltimores,’ outside they were cognomened the ‘Mustard Trowsers,‘ the ‘Yellow Legs’ and the ‘Dandelions.’ From the Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch, December 1, 1872. Research from Richard Hershberger.

1872/1873: “Team wore white belts and yellow argyle stockings…”  From James H. Bready, Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years (1998).

Team genealogy: Lord Baltimore, Baltimore 1872-1874
Lord Baltimore was formed in Baltimore, MD, in 1872 and took its name in honor of the city’s namesake, Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore (1605–1675). The team played in the National Association (NA) between 1872 and 1874. The NA was baseball’s first professional league, operating 1871-1875. The Lord Baltimore team disbanded after the 1874 season. –Info from Paul Batesel, Players And Teams Of The National Association, 1871-1875 (2012), and from wikipedia.


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