Threads Purpose & Scope

Purpose of Database
–collect in one location the visual information of 19th-century baseball uniforms
–create a better understanding of early styles, trends and specific periods of use
–help researchers identify and date vintage baseball imagery
–serve as a reference for those recreating period uniforms or memorabilia
–complement the growing amount of 19th-century baseball research done by others

Scope of Database
This uniform database covers the period of 1856-1900 and illustrates the following groups and leagues:

—Pioneer Period
—–Independent teams (includes NABBP and professional), pre-1876
—–Collegiate teams, pre-1876
—–National Association, 1871-1875

—Major Leagues
—–National League, 1876-1900
—–American Association, 1882-1891
—–Union Association, 1884
—–Players’ League, 1890

—Minor Leagues and Independents
—–African-American teams, 1866-1900
—–Independent teams, 1871-1900
—–All-star/touring teams, 1871-1900
—–Canadian Association, 1876
—–League Alliance, 1877
—–International Association, 1877, 1878
—–California league, 1879-1900
—–National Association II, 1879, 1880
—–Northwestern League, 1883
—–Eastern League, 1884
—–Western League, 1885-1888
—–Southern League/Association, 1885-1889, 1892-1896, 1898, 1899
—–International League/Association, 1886-1890
—–New England League, 1886-1888
—–Gulf League 1886
—–Ohio State League, 1887
—–Central League, 1888
—–Tri-State League, 1888-1890
—–Western Association, 1888-1891
—–Eastern League/Association, 1891-1900
—–Western League, 1892, 1894-1899
—–American League, 1900