Resources & Links

Printed Resources
—Paul Batesel, Players And Teams Of The National Association, 1871-1875 (2012)
—James H. Bready, Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years (1998)
—Jean-Pierre Caillault, The Complete New York Clipper Baseball Biographies (2009)
—Jay Miller, Joe Gonsowski and Richard Masson, The Photographic Baseball Cards of Goodwin & Company, 1886-1890 (2008)
—Peter Morris and others, Base Ball Founders (2013)
—Peter Morris and others, Base Ball Pioneers, 1850-1870 (2012)
—Preston D. Orem, Baseball 1845-1881 From Newspaper Accounts (1961)
—SABR, The National Pastime (Number 3, Spring 1984)
—Marshall D. Wright, The National Association Of Base Ball Players, 1857-1870 (2000)

Online Resources

Baseball Card Databases
—Library of Congress, Benjamin K. Edwards Collection: go to site
—The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jefferson R. Burdick Collection: go to site
—Old Cardboard: go to site

Image Libraries
—Boston Public Library, baseball images: go to site
—New York Public Library, A. G. Spalding Collection: go to site

Online Books – Baseball Histories
—Albert G. Spalding, America’s National Game (1911): go to book
—Alfred H. Spink, The National Game (1910): go to book
—Charles A. Peverelly, The Book Of American Pastimes (1866): go to book
—George Tuohey, A History Of The Boston Base Ball Club (1897): go to book
—Harry Ellard, Baseball in Cincinnati, A History (1907): go to book
—Harry C. Palmer, Frank Richter & W. Harris, Athletic Sports in America, England and Australia (1889): go to book

Player & Game Databases
—Baseball-Reference: go to site
—Retrosheet: go to site

Photographer Databases
—Langdon’s List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers: go to site

Reference Libraries
—LA84 Foundation, The Sporting Life, 1885-1917: go to site
—Sean Lahman, Baseball Guides: go to site

Uniform Databases
—National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Dressed to the Nines Database: go to site
—The Diamond Uniform Database: go to site

Uniform Reproductions
—Ebbets Field Flannels: go to site